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Pan-European Competency Certificate for Shot firer/blast designer by European Federation of Explosive Engineers
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The qualification required for the shot firer 's profession is very different around Europe. Most countries have developed their own training courses fitted to the local regulations or in some countries there is no educational means at all. But people who work on this profession often have the same technical knowledge and competence all around European Union, but even though they can not work abroad without starting the process of gaining permission to blast from the beginning in each different country. As this problem is real and affects many countries, international companies and different industries in wider sense the European Federation of Explosives Engineers - EFEE decided to create a technical competency certificate for shot firers to make it possible for them to prove their skills and competencies in order to work abroad without going through additional learning processes. In 2008 the ESSEEM- (European Shotfirer Standard Education for Enhanced Mobility) under the program of Leonardo da Vinci project proposed by EFEE -( the European Federation of Explosive Engineers) developed a Powerpoint material organized in 6 chapters, in English. With this project called PECCS - Pan European Competency Certificate for Shot firers /blast designers, EFEE's aim is to create a course, according to the valid European Shotfirer Requirements, for a standardized assessment of technical competencies for the shot firer / blast designer profession in European Union.The Course will be based on a material with 6 chapters from a previous project and an additional chapter will be added about tunneling, the materials will be worked through and modernized if necessary. During this project all partners collaborate to add exercises, exams to the materials and all this will be put together for a course which also will be available as online course in order to reach as many people as possible. The outcomes of this project: the materials with examining questions, exercises, the course based on these materials and the online courses, will be available on the internet for free on In order to maintain a good quality and appropriate educational outcome of the courses we will create a Guidebook based on the learning material for trainers and shot firers who want to learn independently online. The examining questions and courses will be tested and validated by specialists. Those who successfully pass exams after they have followed the course, can apply for a Pan-European Competency Certificate from EFEE. The certificate will be acknowledged in all EFEE member countries. By doing this we wish to improve the overall level of knowledge and skills of shot firers in order to improve the safety at work and give good knowledge of environmental friendly techniques and innovative skills. The course will consist of modernized learning materials, practical exercises and exams, composed to educational level 4 according to the European Qualification Framework.Our aim is not to change any existing regulations but to create a possibility of proving real and good technical competencies in this profession in different European Union countries. This will also, to a high degree, increase the overall safety when handling explosives and better awareness of the environment for those who work in quarries or mines.The work will be done by partners, who have good and long experience on this area of expertise. The outcomes will be validated and approved by specialists who have well acknowledged background on this subject. The partner countries represented are United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Estonia. The project will be carried out in three years, starting in the autumn 2016.After the end of the project, all created materials will be maintained and kept available by EFEE who will take care of the web page created during this project, the online course and certifications.



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