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Pamukkalede Gönüllülük Hareketi 2- Voluntary Service İn Pamukkale 2
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Pamukkale Municipality has been established in 2013 in the center of Denizli with metropolitan municipality law as Denizli got metropolitan municipality. Our municipality began active duty in 2014 with the local elections held in Turkey. Since established our municipality has rapidly started to complete institutionalism with its important investments in the city. In addition to investments our municipality gives attention to cultural actions with local, national and international works. Our Municipality has already carried out 2 national and 1 international Project in the city.Pamukkale Travertines, Karahayıt and Thermal Springs are our Municipalities and city’s most important natural attributes. As well as with 320 thousand population, our municipality is the biggest town of Denizli.Our main aim as Pamukkale Municipality is to improve quality of service. On the other side, we also aim to accelerate the work of social and cultural activities and facilities for our citizens. With our Project ‘Voluntary Service in Pamukkale’ our goal is to prominence voluntariness of social market, which is established by our municipality for economically disadvantaged citizens. On the other hand we have built a disabled basketball team for wheel cheer-bound youth. We really care about them and want them to be the best team in local and even in national. To deal with those youngsters we need volunteers who have the mood to work with them. As hosting and sending organization we want to increase voluntariness in the town with total 6 volunteers from Romania, Spain and Italy. All volunteers will have a long time EVS for 59 days with someone from other country. So, each short time there will be 2 volunteers from different countries and in total 6 volunteers in 6 Months.Volunteering at social market will be about having voluntary courses with the children of economically disadvantaged citizens which use the market. The social integration phase of those children will be carried out periodically by our municipality with professionals and our volunteers. On the other side, our wheelchair-basketball team will get some voluntary courses too. With those two voluntary perspectives we want to increase social network in the town on international level. Another subject of the Project is Social Support and Coordination Center which is very important for our municipality. Because our municipality appreciates social Projects for the citizens. Therefore, the social support and coordination center at our municipality helps drug addict youngsters, psychological problems of citizens, social excluded young people etc. Social Support and Coordination Center has 2 psychologist and 4 support staff. With this project we want to develop the voluntariness side of this center. Together with volunteers, our support personal and youngsters will do street art, group therapy etc. Predicted Main Activities:• Voluntary Courses with Economically disadvantaged aged between 5-25 children and youngsterso Drawing courseso Drama Courseso Instrument Courseso Other voluntary courses• Voluntary Actions with Wheel cheer-bound youth o Sportive Actionso Basketball games• Voluntary at Social Support and Coordination Center: Street Art Group terapy• Turkish LessonsOur target on this project is to ensure the voluntariness of young people and to be the first role model in the city by having international volunteers in our municipality.



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