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Palermo ve Polatlı Arasında Yetişikin Eğitimi Entegrasyonu
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project contains our school textile,Hancrafts,Art and English teachers and school manager and his co-helpers..Total 7 teachers will be in the project.The mobility will take place in Italy Scilia Palermo city between the dates on 1-6 October 2015. Studies which have been done recently in our country are aimed to increase international competitiveness of Turkish economy and integration processes with EU. The process of globalization in the world and our country, increasing technological innovations and international marketing caused to tend to develop their human resources. Polatlı is in a position to develop in economy, agriculture, industry, textile and tourism. Therefore, our aim is to increase our teachers' who are working in the field of adult education educational level to the desired level and the attractiveness of adult education schools, to train qualified personnel to the sector and improve their vocational and adult educational knowledge and skills, and to experience the different working environments. Processing the employees’ careers and increasing the productivity outshines the all initiatives related to employment in any attempt related to employment. In identifying the qualifications of working environment requirements and necesities, the standarts which are developed and accepted in the working environment, are highly important. Our goal is to collaborate with vocational and adult educational institutions in Italy to train person compliance within these standards and to achieve the common standarts in terms of quantity and quality. By this way we aim to examine the quality and innovations that are applied to adult education and training. Thus, our main goal is to improve the adult educational knowledge, skill and behaviour’s of branch teachers, to help to ensure compliance in required technology and organizational changes to train qualified students for the labor market. Enhancing adult education on a specific level and increasing the attraction of adult education, adult educator or teachers are going to observe the workshops and the organizations in adult educational institutions of Italy.



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