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Pädagogischer Aufenthalt in Slowenien
Date du début: 7 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 6 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The programm "Pädagogischer Aufenthalt" has been initiated by the Ministry for Education and Women. Its main focus groups are elementary schools, grammar schools, vocational schools and middle schools in Austria. It enables a two week stay in a European country with the overall objective to get to know educational and cultural environment as well as the Austrian language and culture. The program wants to enforce pedagogical and further education in methodology. In our case Ms. Buttinger (Vienna Middle School) and Mrs. Monika Krancic from Slovenia (Elementary School) are the participants. They want to get to know each others schools. Our main focus lies on Mrs. Krancic's input in our German lessons and our project "Similarities in Slovenia and Austria" at both schools. Additionally, Ms. Buttinger will give a presentation about the Austrian Education System and Culture. Furthermore, we hope to get a vital exchange of ideas and positive stimuli for our tuition by getting to know the Slovenian Education System and their culture. On the other hand, we want to share our Austrian customs and the German language. Therefore, we wish to build up regular contact and cooperation with schools in the European Union. As a result, we're going to present the outcome and experiences of this program as well as the project at our school. A final report will be formulated and sent to the Department of Education.



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