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Pädagogischer Aufenthalt in Norwegen
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

2 weeks at a Norwegian school. Mrs. Anita Kutzenberger, working as a German, History and Religious Instruction teacher at BRG Akademiestraße, a high school in Salzburg, is going to spend two weeks at Hamar katedralskole, Norway, during 2015/16. This schools leads about 1350 pupils from 16 to 19 to A-levels and focuses on international relations, entrepreneurship and naturals sciences. There are 5 German teachers and several German classes. The Norwegian head of the project is Mrs. Kari Haugen Bader, one of the German teachers, who studied in Vienna and is married to an Austrian. Mrs. Kutzenberger has some experience with foreign school systems: She worked as a teaching assistant at Derby High School in the UK, taught Turkish pupils at an Austrian school in Istanbul and took part in school exchange programms with Nicaragua and China. So far, she does not have any experience with nordic schools. At the Katedralskole in Hamar one of her main duties is to teach German classes and tell the students about Austria, its landscape, people, arts, culture, literature, music, food, about its beauty and characteristics. She has taught German as a foreign language during her work stays in the UK and Turkey and is going to use her knowledge again. Working on music, lyrics, literature and media, doing cooking classes and social events, her main issue will be to draw the students interest to German language and Austrian lifestyle. If the students get emotionally connected to Austria, they may develop an interest in economic connections later on - that is one of her ideas. Mrs. Kutzenberger is also going to do some job shadowing in Hamar. Norway gets really good results in Pisa-testing, is famous for its exquisite teaching and school system, its innovative character and its achievements in integration. Probably the Austrian system can learn quite a lot of it. Monitoring is going to help Mrs. Kutzenberger to improve her own style of teaching. In addition she intends to share her observations with her colleagues and headmaster, positive it is going to bring up a lot of discussion and even some change.



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