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OWLish 2015
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The OWLish 2015 is an international experience exchange for young leaders. It was based on the cooperation of the Slovak and Czech scout organizations. The participants was of various nations. The exchange was realized with the assistance of the non-formal education, the principles of multiculturalism and the establishment the intercultural relationships, the exploration of the new places and cultures, the working habits creation, the improvement of the organizational skills, the ability to work in teams. The main goals were: the experience expansion of the target group in the field of work with the youths, the international cooperation, the activation and the participation of the target group in life of their home communities, the support of the youths, the improvement of the cultural awareness, the obtaining of the competencies within the youth events organization etc. The named goals, in fact, shall improve the work with the youths in their home organizations and improve the participations position on the job market. One of the key factors on which we were focused was the creation of partnership with the local administration and the local communities. In the exchange, there were 27 participants, mainly young people from regions with lower possibilities of employment or non-formal education. The exchange took place in the estates of the Sedlice village, the Slovak Republic. We incorporated various techniques and methods of non-formal education (f. ex. team work, experiential learning, thematic workshops, educational excursion and national evening party). Some activities were opened to local young people and the general public under the promotion of the OWLish and Erasmus+ ideas. Incorporating the participants into the every project stage, they obtained the organizational skills and proposals for further activities with the youths. It could be pronounced that we had significantly motivated the participants via realized activities to the cultivation of international cooperation, taking part in the local and regional events and the work with the youths. Personal experiences with the event of such type and direct contact with the volunteering will help the cultivation of the national and cultural awareness as well as the intercultural relationships. The opened activities promoted individual cultures, regions and the Erasmus+ project in public.



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