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Over het muurtje kijken in Europa
Date du début: 1 déc. 2014, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Contents * Students: A look at the world of healthcare in Spain and Finland, its differences and similarities, discover their career opportunities. How to handle those requiring care in Spain and Finland. By working and living in a different environment, the students will also become more independent, they will come into contact with other cultures and will learn to understand them better. * Teachers: How is the working in schools in the Netherlands with the same fields of study. What do they do in their lessons, the organisation in the school, their relations with the students and the contacts with the interships. Involved Students of the participating disciplines, our management, the teachers of general education (PAV, language, ...), practical teachers, partners and their internships, the parents of the students, our school in general, department internationalization of AGSO. Needs * Students: The students gets the opportunity to discover the care- and nursingsector in Finland and Spain. Because of this internschip they will note that there are differences in these sectors in other countries. We want to make students acquainted with more possibilities in the care- and nursingsector. We want the students to get in touch with the local care and nursing sector: accommodating troubled youth, childcare, youth and adults with special needs, educating children and youths with special needs, care for preschoolers and toddlers, taking care of elderly, whether or not containing restrictions, nursing the people .... The students come into contact with different cultures. These contacts with will broadening their view of the world and by coming into contact with different cultures, they also learn to accept other cultures better . It's important that they know other cultures, so they can cope with these people in a right way in their professional lives, in this way they will be handle people appropriate on proffesionally and socially level. Often students are insufficiently independent, by getting them out of their intimate environment (school, home, work placements in Antwerp), they have to work on their self confidence to make themselfs stronger and bigger . * Teachers: The teachers get the possibily to widen their courses on a traineeship, so they can change their own courses and to adjusting a positive culture at our school by dealing with students if necessary.



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