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Ouvrir les portes de l'Europe aux jeunes dipômés
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Convinced of the merits of mobility to promote language learning , discover other work environments and other European cultures , we wanted to put this project in place for young graduates. Indeed, recall that France , youth unemployment is important and even more so for those with a level of less than or equal to IV degree ( bachelor or maximum level ) . It is therefore to reduce this form of discrimination by allowing young people to live an experience that they may not have access in France . This is even more true that most of the young people involved in this project are from the neighborhoods of the urban community of Bordeaux ( eg Carrier neighborhood Lormont, classified and sensitive area where we are located ) . So for them , access to employment is even more difficult because of their social, economic , cultural characteristics which adds status of immigrant children . The combination of all these difficulties is that at the end of their professional training (type CAP , BEP, Bac Pro , BAPAAT , etc. ) they are without any activity and consequently lose confidence in themselves and the system that seems to defeat, failure to integrate them as full citizens can contribute to economic development and life of the city. It is therefore , in this project , to motivate , to give them a taste for regular work on their employability, to develop and to give them confidence , to make them aware of the European reality in its diversity and richness but also the full potential that Europe can offer. The diversity of industries offered in this project will allow people to develop new skills that are very useful and demand in the local labor pool , but also in other areas in France or Europe. Meanwhile, another part of the young people involved already have a creative project ( or resume ) business . This professional experience in Europe will be an opportunity for them to discover new business environments and practices that they can rehabilitate their entrepreneurial project. For all profiles youth welcomed, it is also validating professional goals in a European environment with different practices of French companies. Added to this is the development of basic skills and transversal , such as entrepreneurship , e-skills and multilinguismes



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