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Outdoors in Belgium
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context and background: VZW Het Moerashuis is a centre where young people can go on holiday. We can host 72 different people in one center and 24 in another. In addition we also organise a number of leisure, outdoor and cultural activities such as canoeing, laser battle, visits to archeological sites and weaving museum, survival workshops,... All the activities are focused on increasing the feeling of personal and social responsability, sustainable environmental education and helping the development of life leading skills. Our organisation gives the possibility to discover and develop your hidden resources through real adventures and challenges. Objectives of the project: We want to show people from other countries how we work in our youth center and how we organise experimental learning. We want to demonstrate how we organise outdoor activities and other cultural programs. We want to share experiences and discover how it is done by people of other countries. We also want the people in our region to know that we work with people of other countries and go for a European Community. We also want to find out how youth organisations work in Hungary. We're very interested to explore the differences and similarities in policy and activities. We would like the volunteers to teach our instructors how they work so we can learn from them and make the whole project work in 2 directions. This offers new perspectives and a lot of new ideas for both parties. Number and profile of participants: We are looking for 2 volunteers. The participants should be people who like to work with young people and who like to participate in outdoor activities. They should have organisation skills and an open spirit, willing to learn other languages and open for other cultures and habits. If they also have experience in outdoor activities it is even better. Also experience working with young kids or in tourism is a positive element. We will need people who have a sense of responsability because they are working with young people in an outdoor environment. Description of activities: When they are here, they will have to receive the groups who come over to sleep, as well as the people who come over for a day to do some sports, cultural or touristic activities. They also look, with the rest of the team, to make the whole area attractive and more beautiful. If they have new ideas, they can always bring them in. Sometimes we build up something new, or plant flowers, trees,... If the guests are coming in to do some sport activities, they will have to guide them and instruct them to have a positive sports experience. About the cultural and touristic activities, we guide our guests to the places they want to see. Methodology: We have different checklists to receive our guests. But there are always special needs and questions. So we have to be open for all kinds of questions and problems and see how we can help our guests as good as possible. For the sports activities we have lesson plans, as they give them in schools. So every detail of those activities is planned in advance to minimize the risks. Everything is planned in technical scheduels. Every month, we make a new program for all our volunteers. Once a week there is a meeting to discuss the last details. Descriptions of result and impact: We want the volunteers to learn more about our work in tourism and outdoor. We want them to get a good attitude in work and social life. We are willing to teach them every detail of our skills and technical know-how. We want to teach them the security rules and all about Belgium and European regulations in the outdoors. We also want to find out how they would organise it. Longer terms benefits: We want the people around us to get interested in our Hungarian friends, their country and culture. We also want everybody to experience the good things about Europe and working together and sharing ideas. The best thing that could happen, is that the volunteers, one day, start up their own business at home, and that we could work together, sending guests to each other and share management experiences.



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