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Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 1 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

All project partners complained of evidence we see in our center , areas, groups , young people today, the youngsters consume a lot of time on computer games , television , internet and videogames. These activities greatly limit their learning experiences . This does not mean that we should limit hundred percent access to these diversions , but we have to generate alternatives that are educational and enriching. Great choice for young people are outdoors activities. Recreational activities that take place in the natural environment ( team games , sports, field trips, workshops , etc. ) are for youth a series of activities designed to develop their skills to their psychosocial development . The outdoors provide an activation of the five senses: sight , hearing, smell , taste and touch . The urban environment and daily routines keep us varied and interesting sensory experiences for our development . But while we need people who can teach and show these things to young people. The training course will be host in Alicante from 26 August to 2 September 2014 , whit a group of 24 participants from 8 different european countries (Lithuania, Spain , Romania , Turkey, Slovakia , Czech Republic , Cyprus and Greece) will learn and exchange experiences. The training will be aimed to improving the skills training of trainers , facilitators and group leaders on environmental activities and outdoor activities to motivate young people that they work and acquire skills for environmental projects or activities or outdoor with youth . The training course is based on a non - formal education learner-focused on participants , putting the needs and abilities of participants in the training center . Participants will learn activities, games , workshops, dynamic , roleplays , big games , sport, different tools so they can develop with young people and motivate to do outdoor activities . A wide range of training facilities will be carried during the training course,dramatizations , presentations, workshops, small interactive exercises , practice sessions and videos. All participants in this project will benefit from the project. Working with other participants , trainers , youth workers , monitors, etc , have an impact on the participants and staff of the host association . We believe that by engaging with other participants and the support of the host organization and trainers gain real skills and new experiences , showing a good understanding of the problems whichthey will face after.



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