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Outdoor generation
Date du début: 1 mars 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Training Course "Outdoor generation" is a project of 9 days held in Armenia between 21 and 29 June 2015 brings together 35 young people including youth workers and social workers. For the realization was chosen as Armenia , a country which has had a long development path through the millennia . In this state has formed a culture unique and special in the Caucasus , which has deep traditions . Study their existing dialogue between the countries of the Caucasus will help to show how the different parts and different cultures can communicate with each other for many years. The mean follow -up of the training course is critical to the success of the course. It is important to create a strong network of collaboration among the partners already in the early stages of the project, and then strengthen it in the implementation phase of the TC: great teamwork -Building in the first part of the training course , a series of discussions on the methods of outdoor education during a session of TC and development of the project at the end of the TC to plan future activities . There are the following stages of dissemination of the results : - Creation of contact list for future correspondence ; - Creation of mailing lists for participants. The group will be used to share the necessary information and newsletters , etc. on youth employment in the future within the group. - The second phase of follow-up consists of the spread of the final report , both in paper and electronic formats . The report shall include a complete description of the sessions conducted during the training course , and provides information on the tools developed during the course . - Participants of the training course will use the knowledge gained during the event in their future activities locally and internationally. A Facebook group will contribute to sharing and planning . - A CD containing the materials used in the course of training, as well as information related to the topic of the training course will be prepared and distributed to the participants (sharing online can not be free in Svaneti is very poor)



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