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Our common past is the token of our future (Fairy garden)

The founders of Halászi and its Slovakian partner Tomasov were the „children ofthe river Danube”. The villages of Szigetköz and Csallóköz have been intertwinedfor centuries. Up to now, cross-border relationships were limited to the level ofcommunity leaders, but there was always demand for deepening the relationships onlower levels as well. The initiative for dialogue and cooperation between the schoolsand societies of the two regions was built upon the common roots, the local historyand associations. The project further enhanced this initiative; a local history campwas organised in Halászi and Tomasov, which was followed by the town managementand the representatives of educational institutes and NGOs evaluating the results andoutlining further opportunities. Achievements: Please refer to the 'Description' field, which also includes the achievements of this project.



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