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Our Colourful World
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project 'Our Colourful World' will involve five European countries (Uk - England, Italy, Greece, Finland and France) working in partnership. Our main aim is to address 'Inclusion and Equity' in our schools, through an exciting and challenging programme of activities and training. As a partnership, we are all committed (through a number of effective strategies) to meeting the specific needs of every child in our organisations, regardless of social background, ethnicity, learning disabilities etc. and therefore including and motivating every student to perform to the very best of their ability and to enjoy the activities. During transnational project meetings, we will share strategies for inclusion, used in our individual schools, through demonstrations and explanations. This work will be collated, throughout the duration of the project, to form a collaborative policy document that can be integrated into each of our schools' SEND' policy document. The project aims to educate all participants in terms of developing intercultural knowledge and understanding through planned activities on themes including: architecture, music, dance, drama, stories, myths/legends, and art/design/technology. All outputs (in each of these areas of study) will be shared, presented to partners during project management & implementation meetings, collated, discussed, evaluated and finally produced as one collaborative product, for example, in the form of a DVD, CD, eBook/Magazine or Tutorial, Virtual Tour or Documentary. Pupils will take ownership of the project activities, through which we specifically aim to raise the profile of digital competences and foreign language learning in each of our schools. Most of our outputs will be digital so we have put in place training sessions to develop competences and confidence in this area for both staff and pupils. All our results will be uploaded to eTwinning which will be the virtual space that provides the tools for collaboration, presentation and evaluation. We value the importance of language learning as an essential skill in facilitating the development of inter-cultural understanding. Again, pupils will take ownership of this aspect of the project by creating tutorials in their own languages (i.e. their content and presentation), according to identified needs and to their relevance to the project content. Tutorials will be uploaded on eTwinning, thus providing a teaching and learning platform for their partners in other countries. Some of our outputs, such as the art/technology based on the theme of architecture and our myths& legends ebook, will be annotated in our five different languages to enable pupils to see easily and compare languages (in terms of similarities and differences), that are set out alongside each other. It will be motivational, for pupils, in terms of looking at language origins/development and will inspire them not only to learn words but to research the historical context. Our two planned multiplier events will reach a huge audience of people outside our organisations. In UK, (art gallery exhibition of artwork and digital outputs including a virtual tour and ebook presentations), the open day/evening will not only impact positively on our school staff, governors and visiting partners, but also the local press, local dignatories (Mayor/Mayoress/MP) and guests from our local education authority and local schools. In addition, the gallery exhibition will be open to the general public for three months after the opening event, during which we hope to reach/impact many more visitors. The second multiplier event will be very exciting as it will be a public showing of our documentary, a significant output for our partnership in that it will be the culmination of a number of challenging teaching, learning and training activities. Overall, this will be a very exciting partnership that will involve a wide variety of innovative, creative and challenging project activities. It will impact positively on many people including those directly associated with our organisations and those who are not.



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