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Otwieramy się na współpracę międzynarodową. Kurs językowy dla pracowników Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego w Wysokiem Mazowieckiem
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is directed towards the employees of Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego in Wysokie Mazowieckie – a vocational high school, which provides education mainly for the future technical staff, agricultural staff and gastronomical staff. It answers the needs taken into consideration in the Conception of School Development for the nearest period of its operation. These are: 1. The necessity of knowledge, skills and competences improvement in the field of using English in order to establish partnerships and international cooperation – the aim will be achieved through the participation in a language course in an English speaking country, 2. The development and professional competences enhancement of English teachers in order to introduce innovations and methodological improvement in their work in regards to students better results achievement in external exams and semester classification – the aim will be achieved through job shadowing in a language school in an English speaking country. In September 2014 for the purposes of creating the Conception of School Development and as part of Intramural Teachers Development an interview was carried out amongst the teachers, the school managing authorities and the administrative sector workers. The research showed that the majority of all the employees as a way of their professional development and the development of the school in order to internationalize the school mission and improve the educational offer indicated the necessity of English skills development amongst the employees and the students within the school. The project raises following issues: 1. Teaching and learning foreign languages, 2. Quality and methodological enhancement (including school development), 3. Intercultural and intergenerational education, life-long learning. The project participants are the key workers of the school: the vocational subjects teachers (6), the teachers exceptionally active in the professional field (2), educators (1), professional advisers (1), school managing authorities (1), administrative sector workers (1) and English teachers (2). We expect that after the project execution: - the participants will gain new skills and qualifications or will develop the ones they possess, - the participants will gain motivation for self-development, will be eager to work additionally for the school and its students, - their awareness regarding the European countries multiculturalism as well as a sense of belonging to EU will increase amongst both: teachers and students, - the participants will be prepared to establish partnerships and international cooperation, - the level of English within the school will increase and what follows – the students will obtain better results in external exams semester classification, - the school reputation will increase, its educational offer will widen, the school will open for the international cooperation. The project execution will positively influence the other local society representatives: youth aged 16-19, local educational staff, local authorities representatives, business owners and employers. The scheduled start date of the mobility is 07.08.2016, the date of completion is: 21.08.2016. It will take place in ULearn English Language School in Dublin.



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