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Otwieramy się na Europę
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The students of our school gain profound vocational education which can make them an asset on the European work market. They need to be prepared as far as language and cultural knowledge is concerned to have an opportunity for an European perspective and not to be afraid of unemployment. The problem of students’ reluctance in learning foreign languages is quite common in our school. That is why, improving teaching foreign languages as well as European dimension was pointed out in our project called “We are opening ourselves to Europe”. The main goals of the project were: 1. Teachers’ methodology and language improvement 2. Widening the knowledge of using miscellaneous motivational methods and modern methods of teaching based on multimedia technology in order to provide students with education of better quality 3. School’s participation in more initiatives promoting the knowledge of EU and pro-European attitudes which are also raising the awareness of cultural and social diversity of EU. Seven teachers have been qualified to participate in the project. There were 5 teachers of English and two teachers of German. One of the teachers teaches mainly history and English is her second subject. That is why, she took part in a general language course to refresh her knowledge of the subject. The goals of the project have been achieved by the following activities: 1. Methodological and language training trips for teachers 2. Establishing international contacts with other schools and developing intercultural knowledge 3. Meetings of subject teams which aim was to modify the curriculum used at school in order to meet students’ needs better 4. Within- and open classes for teachers to promote good practices and modern methodology of teaching 5. Taking new initiatives which promoted the knowledge of nations and cultures of EU and the structure of EU Long-term results and benefits are: 1. Improving the quality of foreign language teaching at school 2. Increasing the attractiveness of teaching methods 3. Achieving higher performance in students’ learning and higher level of mastery in foreign languages 4. Improving the knowledge about Europe and its cultural diversity 5. Making students and teachers more open, tolerant and respectful of diversity