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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Open to knowledge, open to Europe” is targeted to the students in the age of 17-19 of the Economic and Technical Education Schools in Pasłęk. The main goal of this project is to facilitate the students of the Nutrition and Gastronomy Services and Culinary classes their skill and professional competence development, practical usage of acquired knowledge in the European market, learning about new trends in the catering industry and acquisition of Italian language skills. It can help young people to provide the students with appropriate vocational training. As a result, they could have a chance to find a job in the regional or international food service market. It should be noted that there is a lot of value added in that kind of vocational education like good practices experiences, multi-culture education, raising foreign language competences. Thank to this, the students are better prepared to conduct a job search in the future, what could prevent the problem of youth unemployment at the same time. The training of students, who can easily find a job both in Poland and European countries, is a top priority for our school. In that case, the European certificates, additional vocational qualifications, language skills could be very helpful. Project activities. The project intends to realize 2 fortnightly vocational apprenticeships for 2 groups of 12 students in our Partner organization in Potenza in Italy. During the training, the apprentices are going to learn how to work in local catering establishments and to enlarge their vocational knowledge about techniques and processes used in the profession. They receive training in occupational safety and health and the Europass Mobility Certificate. Language competence is going to be improved in 2 parts – at first in our school before they visit the partner country. Each group is going to master typical phrases used at work (20 hrs. for each group) and 6 hours additional are intended to learn students about the culture and life in Italy. Then, they are going to practice language using it at workplaces in Italy. - career guidance workshops ( 6 hrs.) – students receive instructions and practical skills to position themselves on the local and European job market. Every beneficiary will meet with a career counselor or a teacher of business studies individually and during one hour, it will be defined for every student the concrete position and it will be prepared application documents (CV and covering letter) which will be sent and translated into Italian by our Partner in ItalyStudents from the rural areas where is the high unemployment rate will be involved in the project too. It will be students of the second and third classes of the Nutrition and Gastronomy Services and Culinary courses. Hard deliverables- 24 students improve vocational skills. They experience and learn about Italian gastronomic technologies and principles at workplace in Italy;- 24 students receive the Europass Mobility Certificate and a certificate from the receiving organization;- 24 students serve fortnightly vocational apprenticeship in Italian Gastronomy Industry; - 24 students improve their language competence.Soft deliverables- 24 students raise their professional aspirations, willingness to find better job, achieve high status in their school. A traineeship abroad provides opportunities for students to develop their skills, to undertake a professional experience in another country, to raise participants’ awareness and understanding of another culture and country. It ensures a better recognition of working rules in Partner country, the Italian gastronomic industry, the Italian cuisine. Besides, the apprentices can actively participate in society, strengthen their adaptation skills and develop teamwork skills. They can built their confidence and independence. They will be open to the European labor market. The realization of the project can influence the image of our school. It will be perceived as a modern institution which has a real impact on employment of our graduates. Local companies where the students serve apprenticeship will win qualified workers which can demonstrate their knowledge, vocational and language skills.



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