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Otimização da Mobilidade Transnacional VET em Rede
Date du début: 30 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 29 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

It was intended to establish a consortium with three educational institutions, the group of Schools of Aveiro, the group of Schools of Ilhavo and AEVA- Professional School of Aveiro, the last being the Coordinator of this project. In this way, it was our intention to offer young people in initial vocational training and the teachers of the three institutions, an opportunity of training in enterprises in a transnational context. This is a project with a duration of 1 year, for 30 finalist students of the various professional courses and 12 teachers of 3 schools of the consortium. The professional courses culminate with the presentation of a project, designated by Professional Aptitude Test (PAP) and a final period of Training in a Work Context (FCT), both (or part of it) to be held in the host countries. The Professional aptitude test (PAP) takes place during the third year of the training cycle, and consists of performance or a presentation and oral defense before a jury (this to be done in Portugal), of a project according to the nature of the course, in close relationship with an institution/company, in this case the hosting organizating in the partner country The FCT is a set of professional activities developed under the coordination and monitoring of schools, supervised by the hosting organization, aimed at the acquisition or development of technical, organizational and relational skills relevant to the profile on the course followed by the student. It aims at the acquisition or development of technical, organizational and relational skills relevant to the external performance profile of the course attended by the student and the activities carried out are a statement factor of knowledge and professional acquired skills throughout the formation, structuring and professional future of the student. It will be prepared a work plan for each young beneficiary, taking into account the activity of the company, as well as the activities to be undertaken by students in real context, meeting his/her professional profile and all the competences developed throughout their training. This plan will be agreed by all parties involved. A work plan for the guide teacher, will also be agreed among the parties, in accordance with the most prominent interests or needs of each teacher. Third-year students of the courses, one of the target groups of this project, will then, do 360H o WBL, being 280 hours performed in transnational context, out of a total of 840 hours. Teachers will have a training of 7 days, also in one of the students’ hosting organizations, not only to observe the best practices in their professional area in another European context, but also to learn and appropriate new approaches if it is the case. It will be an opportunity for comparison and analysis of best procedures in a process of learning and improving, in a perspective of continuous training. This consortium aims not only to involve more schools in the development of projects of this kind, but also to coordinator’s good practices in the management of the inherent procedures to a WBL period in a transnational context and improve methodologies in a transnational network , seeking to develop, seize and reproduce innovative approaches in teaching and vocational training.



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