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Osez l'ailleurs
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The local comunity centres federation of vienne is a non formal education network of 19 associations. Together, we promote solidarity, democracy and human dignity. For Europe, like for all its projects, the federation mobilize the volunteers as actors of the project. With Osez l'ailleurs (Dare new horizons) we want to experiment together a european meeting to elicit fancy of doing together. We want more european projects to be carried by the associations. We also want to go further about empowerment methods that make young people to develop citizenship and employability. Finaly, we organise this project for the participants to improve their social and educational actions. French volunteers and european partners want to : - introduce european dimension in all the associations - build a network of partners, so that volunteers and professionals could organise european projects in their own associations - exchange and discover new practices to develop youngs empowerment - develop the skills of the volunteers and workers - capitalize and to collect tools, methods, ways of acting - spread the results of the seminar in all the contributing networks. To reach those goals, we organise a seminar to exchange practises on the main subject : How our job, to develop young people empowerment, develop their citizenship and employability ? The subject as called the attention of 37 youth, youth workers and volunteers from Greece, United Kingdom, Bulgary ans Turky. All the conclusions and experiences that we will talk about, will be writen and shared on the website of the partners. We will feed the web sites with new experiences in 2016. We also want to make a movie to promote european projects and to promote the fact that we leave better together when we know each others. All the tools will be given to the youth workers and to the administrators of the associations. So that, european projects will be able to expend, the volunteers and workers skills will increase and reflexions / actions about youngs empowerment, citizenship and employability will be regular and able to go on.



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