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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

All the School Community is involved in this project, whose objective is meeting labour market requirements considering existing needs. This Project considers two actions. Action 1: Student Mobility for internships in companies, and Action 2: Staff Mobility for in-service training. Action 1 will take place in Portugal and United Kingdom. Portugal a country with strong commercial relationships with Spain and our region, Extremadura. We think that completing these placements will result in opportunities of labour integration gaining both professional and personal development and improving language skills. Internships in United Kingdom will allow our students to gain experience in new trends, which will provide them with an added value for their future jobs. The scope of this Project includes mobilities for 13 participants: 9 students and 4 teachers. 7 students to Portugal and 2 students and 4 teachers to UK. 7 students to Lisbon-Portugal-, from March to June 2016, 3 students of CFGM Estética (Cosmetology), 1 student of CFGM Peluquería (Hairdressing), 2 students of CFGM Gestión Administrativa (Administrative Personnel); mobilities to United Kingdom include two students of CFGM Peluquería (Hairdressing) to Leamington Spa. These mobilities will be developed for 12 weeks and the objective is to complete the official period of placement (FCT) established by Spanish Education system in the hosting country. Action 2 will take place in United Kingdom, a country chosen as hosting partner by the Work Team; we think UK is one of the countries where most innovative methodologies are used. Moreover, English is a lingua franca for maintaining relationships and creating networks with foreign workplaces and professionals. Main objectives for this Project in both Actions include: - Performing the key and professional competences learnt by participants in a EU environment. - Acquiring new skills (languages, new technologies…) in a EU environment. - Getting to know new methodologies and sharing experiences with foreign professionals. - Getting to know new evaluation, co evaluation and self-evaluation methods. - Setting up cultural, social, and labor relationships with agents involved in the training process. - Broadening labor prospects. - Realizing the European Professional Qualifications Framework. - Fostering both formal and informal training in an international environment as proposed by Erasmus + Programme, which will make Vocational Studies more appealing for students. - Sharing competences and experiences related to educational methods. Our School, as the applicant, will have a direct control of all the Project: mobilities, mentorship tasks, following-up, direct contact with hosting partners, training agreements, assessment tasks, spreading of results, and error and control screening. Foreseen impact for this Project is trying to change School Community mind set. Our objective is having mobilities like a usual path of education, which allow us to gain knowledge of each country diversity creating collaboration and networks among the involved agents.



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