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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Organic Strawberry Cultivation and Reflection of European Agricultural Implementation Concepts Agriculture, beside to be very important, crucial, strategic segment as a economical extent among developed and emerged to be developing countries, also agriculture has important matter in all countries’ to be presence as a strong position in the World. And one of high added value comes from strawberry cultivation in agriculture. Strawberry contributes pretty much values to agriculture economy in essential agriculture outputs. Strawberry is preferred mostly as a agricultural income from farmers in all sort of fruits that is produced in Turkey. Strawberry as a mild climate fruit in the aciniform group of fruits is marketed prevalently in the winter and early spring seasons. The World strawberry production was 3.284.678 ton in the year of 2007. This yield embrace 254.027 ha area that is harvested of. The production is 250.316 ton in 12.500 ha (Anonymous, 2009). The reason of increased demand on strawberry cultivation is that could be cultivated in small areas, different soils and climate conditions as well as having very good internal and external market demand. This fruit is consummed all different people aged with excessive interest and has very large range of usage in different industry such as jam, fruit juice, pastry, marmalade etc. Especially this cultivation with profits is very suitable for family farmers as having economic feedback in a very short term and the profit that farmers could have is more higher than other cultivation options. Other reason of aspect for being important agricultural goods are the benefits as health and nutrition ways. Significantly, It has 100mg in 100 gr strawberry. It contain 40-45 Calori in 100 g fruit and having significant amount of salisilik acid, A, B vitamin, minerals as Calcium, ferrous, phosphorus , few amount of bromine, silisium, iodine, sulphur. Additionally strawberry has rich cellulose as ingredient and cellulose has important role to facilitate digestion system in human. Currently it is known that ellagic asid helps people to prevent from cancer, that strawberry is included high amount of ellagic asid. Therefore the data, specification about climate, climateand soil ranges around Turkey and other parametres gives our country oppurtunity to be leader as strawberry cultivation among other countries. Unfortunately, while the yield supposed to be one of biggest producer in the World,expexted yield could nor reached as the productivity of strawberry in Turkey could not reach expected level eventhough having high natural opppurtunities. The reason of not reaching these yield are that not having modern cultivation habit and trainning and lack of information about accurate strawberry cultivation methods. Nowadays farmers getting more yield in small strawberry areas with modern way and greenhouse implementations. The Project titled as Organic agriculture, Strawberry Cultivation and Reflection of European Implementation, is designed by Batman Province Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry and İts stakeholders are Batman Province Agricultural Chamber of Precidency and The Union of Sason District of Producer. The Project’ aim to have good knowledge about strawberry cultivation and its tecnologies which is implementing in Spain, that is leading strawberry sector in the World as european country. The intention of our Project to see all practical aspects in strawberry cultivation with monitoring and evaluation methods by our technical team. To see all the past strawberry sector development path that is implemented from Spain would give us new viewpoint to adjust all accurate technics about Strawberry cultivation and market technics to Turkey strawberry areas. Being similar cilimate condition as medeterrian country with Spain is the reason to choose as a model for us too. After having trained in spain, our team would have more and different practical experience and increased awareness of what they are doing about strawberry cultivation. Our team would increased entirely their knowledge of strawberry, after having monitored the strawberry sector in spain, and then they would pervadeand convey their experience in Turkey, to all people and foundation who are Strawberry Value Chain in Batman province. The people in Turkey have oppurtunity to know Spain Strawberry Sector to be stakeholder in the future with spanish farmers ao other interested foundation as Agriculture Chamber, Producer Union.etc. Our foundation and other stakeholders prepared the Project that is lasted in 2 years and project team are included total 20 person , two of them would be disable technical person. The design of this Project planned to reach increasing productive agricultural strawberry fields and then open new business areas in the Strawberry Value Chain to develop regional development with eurıpean concepts and values.



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