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Organic LED Lighting in European Dimensions (
Date du début: 1 sept. 2008, Date de fin: 31 août 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The overall goal of is to develop all the necessary technologies forming the basis for efficient OLED applications for the general lighting industry in Europe. The European Council has agreed to cut at least 20% in CO2 emission by 2020. Recent studies conducted by the JRC of the EC show a huge potential for saving energy by better energy efficiency. Still, some citizens are not aware that light bulbs are highly inefficient and those who know do not buy energy saving lamps because they are dissatisfied with the long light output stabilisation time or the bulbs' shape, size, and colour.Organic light-emitting diodes are promising candidates to substitute conventional light sources. They provide potential for power-efficient large area light sources with revolutionary properties like thin, flat, transparent, color-tunable, and flexible. This grade of flexibility in terms of design and application make them highly appealing for consumers. For general lighting, OLEDs have to compete with existing and upcoming lighting solutions achieving power efficacies of up to 100 lm/W (fluorescent tubes) and operational lifetimes of up to 100.000 h (inorganic LEDs). In addition, OLEDs have to make use of their revolutionary form factor allowing flat light sources covering square meters. This translates to the five main objectives:-High power efficacy (100 lm/W)-Long lifetime (100.000 h)-Large area (100x100 cm2)-Low-cost (100 €/m2)-System integration / standardization / has assembled a consortium with outstanding experts from leading industry and academic groups. The participation of lamp manufacturers like Philips and Osram ensures a rapid transfer of any result into real products. will strengthen the leading position of the European Lighting Industry and create long-term manufacturing jobs. Finally, the IP generated in new process and product domains will protect these advances from Asian and US competition.



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