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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Keuda Group, Vocational education and training is the 9th biggest training provider in Finland. It is owned by seven municipalities: Järvenpää, Kerava, Mäntsälä, Nurmijärvi, Pornainen, Sipoo and Tuusula. The area is within 30-80 kilometres to the north of Helsinki. Keuda offers working life -oriented education and training to the young, the adults and the business life, and development services for the progress of the region.Keuda has vocational education and training (VET) in 11 establishments, or units, in all fields of secondary VET. We have some 7000 students of which ca. 2300 are adults. Our staff amounts to 650 persons, and turn-over in 2014 ca. 60 mill.€. Keuda’s has a steering committee for international activities, 2 persons working full-time, and a large number of persons who help to carry out and implement practical work in our 11 training establishments. Thanks to two funded Erasmus+ KA1 projects, mobility processes and practices have undergone intensive development work. Now we are so far to start offering mobility also to students needing special support. That is the specific development theme of OptimumPlus –project. Naturally we continue to provide mobility possibilities to all our students and staff members. Another important aspect is to test an evaluation tool for making visible the lifelong learning key competencies, or so called hidden competencies. All in all mobility is applied for 195 persons over years 2016-2018. VET students, adult learners and special needs students will go on mobility for periods from 14 to 70 days. For staff, various types of mobilities are planned, some for learning about special needs mobility, some for testing the hidden competencies evaluation tool, some for on-the-job learning in companies – just to mention a few of the tasks and goals. Duration is from 3- to 14 days. OptimumPlus -project gathers Keuda’s unit’s international networks again into one, rather impressive network of 22 partners from 12 countries.



22 Participants partenaires