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Date du début: 1 janv. 2013, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Due to the replacement of engine-driven loads with electric power units, the electrical power requirements of a modern car has been rising rapidly during the last decades and are expected to continue to rise. As the power limitations of the storage systems and car alternators are rapidly being approached, different solutions have been searched for addressing this challenge. The research was oriented to the improvement of the electrical power units’ efficiency mainly through energy-efficient electrical actuators.As the electrification of vehicle propulsion continues to gain speed, the world of vehicle acoustics is also quickly adapting to the new needs of these vehicles. The sound and vibration signature of HEV/EV in general is quite different from vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. The current generation of HEV/EV poses a potentially different concern in that they are too quiet and therefore pose a threat to pedestrians when the vehicles are traveling at idle or low speeds. On the other hand, missing the covering sound and the mechanical power of the ICE in several operating conditions of the vehicle, more and more electric powered units are getting relevant for the sound.The main objective of EMDA_LoOp is to enhance technological know-how and transfer of knowledge in the field of electrical machines and drives for automotive applications. Two experienced partners in this area are combining their efforts for the transfer of knowledge by collaborative research, two-way intersectoral secondments, sharing facilities, training and dissemination activities. Co-operation and transfer of knowledge is dedicated to the development of energy efficient low-noise electrical machines and drives (EMDs) for automotive applications, through advanced multi-physics system level modelling, simulation and validation tools.



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