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Oportunidades Profissionais no Espaço Europeu
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project "Professional Opportunities in the European Space", presented by the Santo Tirso Vocational School (EPST) will take place between January 1st and December 31st 2015 and its main goal is to award 12 EPST participants the opportunity to do their On-the-job Training , as well as professional and cultural field trips, in the European space. This will enable them to widen their horizons, by giving them the possibility of having invaluable experiences which will deeply add to their school training. Furthermore, this project will give 4 newly EPST graduates the possibility of developing their employability and entrepreneurial skills. The main goals are to reduce the school drop-out rate – this programme, which has been carried out for many years, is one of the reasons why many students chose to attend our school; to promote the connection with the European business world; to acquire key-skills in other European countries to later implement in our own, cooperating in the development of the region and even the nation; develop entrepreneurship and increase the employability and professional skills of its participants. EPST submits this application as it feels compelled to contribute for the training of its students as well as for their personal, professional and cultural growth in the European space. We also feel that this type of project represents our contribution to the edification of a European culture in this Europe that we want to make our own. Our conviction is that, after a mobility experience in the European space, the participants will have acquired new skills, such as motivation for work, problem solving and conflict management, readiness and responsibility in decision-making, following of deadlines, teamwork and entrepreneurial and innovation spirit. The students of the 2nd and 3rd years of the Computer Management Technician Course, Secretarial Technician Course and Commercial Technician Course – Level IV, will take part in the following predicted mobilities: a) the 1st mobility, for 6 participants, will be 50 days long, and will take place between 10th of May and 28th of June 2015, in Rovigo, Italy, and is meant for students attending the 3rd year of the Secretarial Technician and the Computer Management Technician Courses; b) the 2nd mobility, also for 6 participants, will also have a duration of 50 days, between 14th June and 2nd August 2015, in Granadilla de Abona, Spain, and it's thought of for students of the 2nd year of the Secretarial Technician and Commercial Technician Courses; c) the 3rd and 4th mobilities are for teachers who will be accompanying students: at the time of the mobilities, several of our students will still be underage and have great financial difficulties, which means they have never travelled abroad; their legal guardian would never consent to travelling without an accompanying party. d) the 5th mobility will last for 75 days, from September 15th to November 30th 2015, in Derry, Northern Ireland, and will allow 4 of our newly graduated students from the Secretarial Technician and the Computer Management Technician Courses the opportunity to secure a professional practice at the end of their course, which will increase their skills and abilities, thus increasing their employability prospects either abroad, or, should they returne to their country of origin, in Portugal. By taking part in this mobility, Project participants hope to achieve the following goals: updating, improving and developing pedagogical skills, as well as language, scientific and technical skills; developing their independence, flexibility and competitiveness; augmenting the possibility of an international career and bringing and using good labour practises. This Project will allow our students an On-the-job Training experience (Traineeship), as predicted for the Vocational Courses taught at our school, in a European company, and will give the newly graduates the opportunity to find employment or to perfect their skills. EPST intends to achieve the following results and impact: widening cooperation with the entities involved in the Project, through interchange experiences which will lead to the transfer of skills and innovative vocational training methods, cooperating in the satisfaction of company needs in the training of professionals; promoting participants' cultural awareness through the discovery of new cultures and different languages and through a wider view of Europe; acknowledging and validating the skills acquired through the On-the-job Training. Our school will share these experiences with other organizations willing to work on the "Erasmus +" programme, through awareness-raising activities in the region's basic schools. In the long run, participants will have countless benefits in what comes to the evolution of their personal and professional skills, which in turn will make their entry in job market and the projection of their entrepreneurship easier.



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