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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the strategy of Kainuu Vocational College internationalization is regarded as an important part of the development work in the college. The student mobility has the key role in the international actions of the college. Student mobilities are target-oriented and they are based on curricula. The aim for the staff is that that staff members are able to work in multi-cultural and international environment and they actively develop international affairs in their own career and teaching. The main objective of this project is to offer students and teachers possibilities to have an on the job learning, working or studying periods abroad. Also through this project we want to improve the quality of the mobility process. Other aims are: - to activate language skills of the participants - to improve the knowledge of culture and working life in foreign countries - to improve social skills and group working skills in multi-cultural environment - to improve professional skills and make them more versatile The participants are 67 students, two accompanying persons and eight teaches. They represent all sectors and units of the school. The participation in the project is open for all students in youth and adult education. All participants have enough professional skills and courage to participate. Also all teachers are able to apply to participate in mobilities. The participants will be prepared before mobilities. We will utilize the training material done in European pathway project funded by Finnish National Board of Education. Also material created for assessing, validating and recognizing informal learning will be used. The mobilities will be implemented according to instructions of the school. The coordinator is responsible for administration tasks. The supervising teacher will contact the receiving partner and they agree on all practical matters during the mobility. The participants will acquire European Health Insurance Card. The school has insurances for participants. The learning outcomes will be assessed, validated and recognized. The participants will give feedback using Mobility Tool programme. The learning and cultural experiences will be shared in the school. Through this project it is possible to acquire just those skills which are needed in the working life. The professional competences of the participants will be improved during the mobilities. The participants will see and learn new ways to work which they are not able to learn in Finland. Key competences of lifelong learning are needed in modern working life, too. This project will make the students’ employing easier and will help companies to get new professionals who have international experiences. The teachers will get new capacities for internationalization and so they are able to utilize them in their own work. This expertise will be seen both when motivating student to go abroad and when teaching immigrant students. The project will also promote home internationalization because of reciprocal mobilities.



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