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Opetushenkilöstön eurooppalainen liikkuvuus uuden koulumuotomme kansainvälisen toiminnan tukena
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our school is applying for a grant for the School Education staff mobility (12 mobilities for the European in-service training courses and 4 mobilities for job-shadowing). Two headmasters and teachers from the two different school levels (primary and secondary) are going to take part in European in-service courses or job-shadowing as a purpose to continue the international activities of the previous schools also in our future school form (the comprehensive school). The purpose is also to support the Strategy of Internationalisation of our future school: to encourage more and more persons to take part in mobilities, bring the European dimension to their teaching and carry out international projects with their students. The applicants have chosen courses, which concentrate on cultural heritage or ICT and support the aims of our new curriculum. Also the job-shadowing'll bring new methods and ideas to teaching. The consequences of taking part in international mobilities can be seen in the readiness of the school staff to take part in the international activities of the school. The participation in in-service courses or job-shadowing abroad will also increase the motivation and team-work of the school staff and as a consequence also the motivation of students. It will lead to the use of innovative curricular and educational methods and create cross-curricular projects. Our future school, the comprehensive school has been chosen to a developmental program for schools by the Finnish Board of Education. One target of that program is the welfare of school staff and students. The mobilities abroad'll increase the team-work and the sense of belonging to community at school. In the long distance the participation in international activities at school'll increase also the tolerance of students and may lead to life-long international projects. We’ll share the results of the European in-service courses and job-shadowing with all the school staff as also with students and their parents and we’ll present the results of the international projects for example on the web-page of our school. The intention is to tell about our international activities both regionally and nationally. We'll share our experiences of the mobilities also in eTwinning.



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