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Opening our School to Europe
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The speed of changes characterising current society directly means a constant need for updating schools' education projects with criteria and rigour. Being able to learn practices from other European schools' experiences is an essential tool to carry out improvements in each centre. The level of interest shown by the schools' teachers during the previous project, as well as the practices and cooperation agreements already established show the need to continue learning from other projects. It is very important for the school to decide on the countries and schools that we intend to know in order to generate specific synergies, focused in actions and projects already initiated and implying a step further on their development. This is the reason why some education centres have been dismissed, as they were not directly connected with our objectives. The schools selected for this project are the ones ensuring substantial improvements in our centre. This project is addressed to teachers from Florida Secundària with a B2 English level (certified or in process of being certified), and that preferably participate in the plurilingual project of the school and/or in the interdisciplinary project. The selection of teachers will be done by means of an open process, including the publication of the grant's call. This call will include mobilities' objetives, destinations, terms and deadlines. It is foreseen in the project to carry out 12 mobilities during the next 2 school years to Secondary Education Centres in Norway, Romania, Poland, Italy and Lithuania and to one University in Finland. The school wants to give a step forward and has envisaged that two teachers go to Norway and Italy to teach classes for three days. The eight remaining mobilities are distributed between the schools in Romania, Poland, Finland and Lithuania, to carry out job shadowings. By means of this project, we want to respond to the schools' identified needs. Therefore, the results expected from this project are: - To improve the schools' multilingual project (improving teachers' linguistic and methodological skills, using English to teach subjects from non-linguistic areas). - To introduce methodological innovations and to improve the work through interdisciplinary projects. - To integrate the creativity and art in a transversal way in the subjects. - To manage in a more suitable way diversity in classrooms, as well as specialised attention for each student. - To establish alliances with secondary education centres, fostering teachers and students' mobilities. Besides, the project intends to analyse new models for cooperation between the school and other local and regional entities and institutions. It also aims at improving the communication process, both at internal (teachers) and external (families and students) levels, as well as improving the process of gathering feedback. The impact envisaged for this project in our school includes the achievement in short-term of the expected results. In the mid-term, we expect to create an International Baccalaureate (the knowledge gained through this project, as well as the alliances made will be essential in the process), contributing in this way to the school's internationalisation. In the long-term, we expect that through the project Florida Secundària establishes as an international and plurilingual education centre, offering internationalisation opportunities both, to teachers and to students. In Florida Secundària, we believe that opening our centre to Europe is a source for innovation and knowledge for the school we have designed. And we are sure that this project will also help the teachers to improve in different ways, acquiring a series of competences and experiences that will directly influence their way of teaching, and their students as well.



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