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OPEN YOUR EYES/ Nyisd ki a szemed
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT: The members of our Social Cooperative daily observe the negative discrimination of Roma youngsters in all fields of life. Moreover, these Roma youngsters have no positive examples to follow. They only see that their peers, even though they have a GCSE or a profession, are employed as street sweepers at best. They feel that their efforts are in vain. They had lost their self-esteem, don’t want to learn, and there is no motivation for self-realization. The mainstream society only see that these Roma youngsters do not want to learn, nor work and are always waiting for social benefits. OUR MAIN AIM: to make the eyes opened. ”OPEN YOUR EYES/ NYISD KI A SZEMED” To open youngsters’ eyes so they can observe such successful Roma people, who can be role models or good examples for us, on one hand. To open society’s eyes so they can observe Roma role models and the disadvantaged youngsters, who will participate on the youth exchange, on the other. Our target group is the participating youngsters and all layers of society. PARTICIPANTS: There are 8 participants from 4 countries (8x4), so altogether there are 32 disadvantaged and/or Roma youngsters (16 girls and 16 boys). At least 90% of them has Roma origin. There are 4 group leaders, who are also mediators between the groups, facilitators and organizers. PREPARATION: We have continuous contacts with the partner organizations through e-mail, phone or Facebook, and we make the details of the exchange all clear, for instance accommodation, arrival, individual needs, etc.). We mutually work out the documenting and evaluating system, the details and questions of selection and safety measures, as well as applied methods. The working language is English, hence, we evaluate the participants’ language skills, and if needed, we make them prepared for the exchange, in terms of English language. IMPLEMENTATION: The partner organizations are looking for gifted youngsters in their scope. Based on so called “Daily Schedule”, they inform and prepare these youngsters for the exchange (presenting their own organization and country, collecting pictures from famous Roma people). We want to implement the exchange in Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary. ACTIVITIES: The facilitator introduces our project, called “OPEN YOUR EYES/ NYISD KI A SZEMED”. In an interactive method, the youngsters summarizes what they know about Erasmus+ program. On each cultural evening, they will present their own organizations, countries and gastronomies through innovative and creative methods. We use games and tasks to get familiar with each other, communicate, strengthen self-assurance, build the team, improve self-realization, and accept each other.IN THE FRAME OF WORKSHOPS:-Youngsters will present what they already and their goals know to each other (by creating drawings in small groups)-Roma youngsters’ chances in life: the exchange participants share their good and bad experience about the chances Roma youngsters might or might not have (we process this topic with drama pedagogical tools- Making popular and successful Roma people known to the group, based on the previously prepared material. Everybody will choose a role model for himself/herself (They will choose role models from their peers in a playful method). They will process the brought images in forms of mosaic, pageant, pictures or any other composition.- Scouting local, gifted Roma youngsters and invite them for a discussion (topics: 1. “Who can help us?” /civil organizations, those who have scholarships, etc./ 2. Opportunities in Erasmus+ /they will collect and write down those opportunities) - Who am I, Where am I, Where do I want to get to? (improving self-knowledge, making individual drawings)



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