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Open up entrepreneurship
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Internet and the WWW is changing our lives: the way we communicate, work, shop, socialise, play and educate. Digital technologies also reshape traditional industries and totally transform the business environment. They speed up and improve the way new innovative products and services are produced and accessed. ICT is also changing the very nature of consumption, competition and how markets operate. Taking a closer look at the European market, it is mainly comprised of SMEs which represent 99.8% of Europe’s enterprises with the typical EU enterprise to be a microenterprise with less than 10 employees. With the aid of technology, nowadays SMEs can become global from day one, reaching overseas markets. E-business and social media platforms allow companies to improve their international market presence and reach potential clients all over the world. In this line, new business models have emerged that have enabled young prospective entrepreneurs to turn their business aspirations into business ventures. Nevertheless, and in spite of the rapid growth due to the digital potential, European SMEs still lag behind in terms of ‘digital revolution’: only 1.7% of EU enterprises take full profit of the digital opportunities. Put simply, European existing and prospective entrepreneurs still have a long way to go before they capitalize the gains the digital area offers in terms of new product design and/or new means of promotion. The identification of this skill and training gap is the outcome of a past research collaboration between the lead partner IME GSEVEE and the University of Patras partner.The Open up Entrepreneurship (OpEn) project fills this identified knowledge gap where existing and prospective entrepreneurs seek for business solutions into the digital technologies but lack the skills and capabilities to exploit the vast potential of e-business models in the global market. OpEn project aims at exploiting innovative practices and technological tools to design and develop multi-disciplinary reusable Open Educational Resources for cultivating entrepreneurial mindset and economic thinking in the digital world. It aspires to provide the basic principles of international entrepreneurship from the perspective of e-business in order to acquire the necessary skills, competencies and capabilities for the exploitation of the opportunities offered by the digital economy through the design and implementation of an open E-module and laboratory. Such an open material addresses a diverse set of user training needs taking into consideration the training needs of existing enterprises and young highly educated prospective entrepreneurs (i.e. students). The project partners will develop innovative common multi-language e-modules that will be applied and evaluated by the consortium's HEI and VET centers of social partners. However due to the open feature of the educational material, the related e-modules could be used to support young entrepreneurs throughout Europe.


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