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Open Space for Active Community
Date du début: 22 août 2016, Date de fin: 21 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Open Space for Active Community" is created to be generator of creative ideas and social changes. In this context intensity of produced programmes with active participation of waste number of stakeholders creates platform for building active community as basis for democratic and sustainable development. Main activities taking place in Social center Rojc in Pula, specifically in a common space called "Living Room". As a meeting point of people as well ideas, our programme incite open-minded dialogue and cooperation in field of art, creative industries, social innovations, sustainability and participatory governance, accompanied with European partnerships. All this is spectrum of our activities we are undertaking in purpose to create new opportunities for better life, learning and work , especially for young people. Mobility opportunities of EU gives additional possibilities for learning and intercultural exchange what gives added values.The project is linked to the objectives of the Erasmus+ programme and in line with Europa 2020 strategy targeting improvement the level of key competences and skills regarding to their relevance for the labour market and their contribution to a cohesive society. By non-formal and informal learning opportunities volunteers improve their skills and competences .That way they enhance their employability and improve their career prospects. During the project volunteers will learn about community management, social inovations, especially in the field of culture, sustainability and participatory governance of social centers. EU's broad linguistic diversity and intercultural awareness are promoted by the youth mobility and language learning possibilities.Main methodology that will be used in implementation of the project is community building and community management based on participation: ABCD (Asset Based Community Developement, participatory governance, involvement of participants in programme creation, decisions and evaluation). Two EVS volunteers will be involved in the project for 12 months, from 22.8.2016. to 21.8.2017. The volunteers will be involved in the daily life of Rojc Alliance and work together with the coordinator and the stuff according their motivation for learning and their abilities to accomplish different tasks. They will work every day from monday to friday with shift of five to six hours. They will have free weekends. Volunteers have covered costs of accommodation, food, pocket money and language lesons. The activities will be planned with Rojc Aliance's working team.Project activities are divided in several fields:Info-point : everyday life, the volunteers will have interaction with visitors at the information point and they will share promotional materials about Social Center Rojc and the activities of all the associations.Programs : the volunteers will assist and help all the programs and activities which will happen in the Living Room They will help to organize events, workshops and lectures, they will distribute and design posters, set up exhibition or lectures. They will also help other organizations within Rojc Alliance in the realization of activities according to their affinities.Communication : the volunteers will organize the distribution of Rojc's newspaper Veznik. They will organize the advertising on the social networks, the website and the newsletter.European Partnership : they will participate in the organization and realization of the annual meeting of Trans Europe Halles. They will be in charge of the communication with each members of this network. They will also bring assistance in EU project.Developing process of Rojc : They will carry on particular projects of Rojc Alliance relating to the development of the Social Center. They will enrich the Urban Garden and Bicycle Repair Workshop organization. Also they will have possibilities to learn from our other sustainable development projects. Since a large number of young people after completing their education, don't have an opportunity to work in the profession and developing in professional sense, we want through our project to provide an opportunity for young people to develop their own creativity, critical thinking and training in the professions of the future - working in the civil sector, social entrepreneurship, community management, promotion and preparation of cultural events such as concerts, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and festivals. The project as well will have impact to participating organisation in their capacity building and rasing competence in EU projects and partnnering. The project will give impact to citizen participation in creation of cultural and social events, initiatives and public dissccusions. The project has intercultural and international dimension by hosting international artist, experts, volunteers, cooperetion with european partners, participatin in Transeurope Halles Network.



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