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Open Source Applications for Industrial Automation
Date du début: 1 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mars 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Europe is looking to Industry 4.0 – or the Digital Transformation of Industry – as the opportunity to lead the world in a new kind of tech transformation. Its core is increased automation, more flexibility, adaptive control and autonomous decision-making process. This project aims at helping higher VET and HEIs institutions, Technical Universities as well as enterprises using automation systems (especially SMEs) to cut costs and embrace innovation by providing them with Training Courses for both students and teachers on free open source hardware and software for designing automated systems.The specific objectives of the project are:• Analysis of the teaching possibilities that the free hardware and software offer for designing automated systems • Development of the teaching materials connected to automated systems based on open source• Development of innovation materials of high technical level available for higher VET and HEIs institutions and Enterprises • Creation of tools for students’ formation through real cases • Creation of a working methodology that allows to have common criteria for designing automated systemsTo reach these objectives the project will develop the following results during the 30 months of its lifespan:1. OPENIN Course for students in Industrial Automation using Open Source Applications- it will be a Training course for EQF level 5+ students in the field of Industrial Automation and concerning the following topics: - Industrial Sensors- Industrial Communication2. OPENIN training course for teachers and employers- a training course for teachers and employers with the purpose to prepare them for applying open source applications in their schools/ companies. The partners of OPENIN project are all committed to the promotion free open-source software as an effective way to modernize target organizations and promote innovation. By stressing on the importance of automation systems nowadays, the OPENIN project will have a substantial impact on its stakeholders. It will benefit students from almost all the higher VET and HE institutions; and enterprises (mostly SMEs). The broad scope of the project, the experience of partners in HEI education, their networks with enterprises and the innovative methods used will guarantee that as many people as possible are impacted and aware of the project output. What is another key advantage of OPENIN project is that its results can be implemented in many fields such as Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Informatics Engineering where Industrial Automation is part of the course curriculum. This ensures its sustainability and life after the end of the EU financing.



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