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Open rotor Engine WELDed parts inspection using MINiaturizable NonDestructive Techniques (WELDMINDT)
Date du début: 5 nov. 2012, Date de fin: 4 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"SAGE project, included in Clean Sky research project aims at demonstration of engines and technologies to reduce the fuel consumption and therefore reducing CO2 emissions in order to fulfill the European Aviation environmental objectives for 2020 of decrease 50% of CO2 emissions.WELDMINDT project is focused on giving solutions for the inspection of welded components with limited access in Open Rotor Engines. This will lead to a cost reduction in Open Rotor Engines manufacturing and maintenance by reducing the time of inspections, facilitating the market entry of this more effective and cleaner engines.Hence, indirectly the project results will have an important impact in environment, as well as the obvious industrial and technological impacts. Project’s main technical objectives are:- Integrate in a single system shearography, Infrared Thermography and Ultrasonic inspection- Use laser as a single excitation source for the inspection system- Advance in the knowledge of pseudo-real defects generation in advanced materials with different welding processes- Develop an automatic inspection system based on industrial robotics applications- Develop a FEM based model valid for fast piece simulation- Develop an “automatic” defect detection and sizing estimation softwareAs conclusion, directly or indirectly the following impact is expected:A) The combination of multiple NDT techniques added to the use of advanced signal processing will increase the defect detection rate and size precision more than 20%B) Change the aero-engine inspection time concept: from minutes-hours (or even days in maintenance) to secondsC) Reduce simulation time more than 90% maintaining the precisionD) By means of flexible fibres and other techniques as mirrors gain access/vision to currently inaccessible partsE) 30% fuel efficiency improvement"



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