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Open protocols and tools for the edUcation and Training of voLuntary organisations in the field of Civil Protection, against nAtural Disasters (forest fires) in Greece and Bulgaria. (OUTLAND)
Date du début: 16 févr. 2012, Date de fin: 15 févr. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The general scope of OUTLAND Project, was the creation of a systematic framework for the education and training of Civil Protection Volunteer groups. This framework involves educational material, infrastructure, tools and methodologies targeted to the sustainability of the Projects outcomes, even after its official ending. The Projects deliverables are targeted on both innovation and usability, creating a robust educational and training structure for the volunteer groups engaged in the management of Forest Fires Achievements: OUTLAND Project created an innovative framework for the education and training of the Civil Protection volunteer groups in the cross-border area, but most of all created the basis of an intermunicipal non-profit organization to lead the way in matters of certified education, operational preparedness and qualitative utilization of the volunteer Civil Protection resources in Greece and Bulgaria. The gains connected to natural disasters management are evident, including suppressing negative impacts to the environment and building society resilience to the effects of natural disasters.Identification of main features of good practicesThe Project through its Deliverables created an integrated package for the education, training and support of Civil Protection volunteer groups, which deal with Natural Disasters and especially Forest Fires. Up until this project, in Greece, the education and training of Civil Protection volunteers groups was based solely on the initiative of the groups. There is no established national procedure for the Civil Protection to follow in order to operate successfully as well as securely. OUTLAND Project created the package consisting of educational innovations as far as Greek standards are concerned, such as indoors and outdoors training units, educational material and new technology tools to support training and operational preparedness. All the deliverables, as a package, are the legacy which is inherited to the newly founded intermunicipal non-profit organization for the education, training and operational support of Civil Protection volunteers.



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