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Open Latitudes (3), beyond generations
Date du début: 1 mai 2013,

Since 2008, the partners of the Open Latitudes network have affirmed the need for examining production, creation and accompanying modes for contemporary choreographic works and hybrid performing arts expressions, often rooted in dance, which generally question the scenic presences of body and movement.In a narrowing arts landscape, this network stands as a sort of sentinel. The targeted artists are now more than ever in need of support, especially if one thinks of the global financial crisis that has drastically reduced arts budgets, and of currently prevailing, worrisome political discourse. In a context where innovation and the right to diversity are at stake, Open Latitudes provides its artists with visibility, a supportive network, exposure, autonomy and development.Open Latitudes (3) intends:- to consolidate support made available for the production of contemporary hybrid performing arts at the European level through co-production funds and extended residency periods;- to reinforce the exposure of hybrid performing arts questioning body and movement on an interdisciplinary basis, through the co-presenting of their work and the establishment of specific Open Latitudes “showcases”;- to make sure that these art forms achieve sufficient transnational mobility, encountering diverse audiences;- to enhance and multiply points of contact between European audiences and contemporary performing arts, by allowing spectators ways to observe many steps in the work process;- to draw attention to the creative processes of these hybrid performing arts, allowing time for research and development as well as giving audiences a “window” into this process, by commissioning two long-term projects which will be supported with workshops and master classes;- to allow for transmission and cross-generational encounters within the group of European artists currently questioning body and movement on European stages.



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