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open educational framework for computer science Software Engineering
Date du début: 1 oct. 2009,

Traditionally, in closed formal education, students cannot fully benefit from and build upon the achievements of previous student cohorts or firms and learners outside of the institution. Similarly, learners outside traditional educational institutions cannot benefit from students’ learning processes and outcomes inside these institutions.In contrast, the Web 2.0 offers opportunities for open and inclusive education. Open Source communities, for example, have proven that volunteer collaboration can outperform traditional ways of knowledge creation and sharing, which are the cornerstones of innovativeness. A reasonable way to better exploit these opportunities is applying the principles of open participatory learning to existing training courses. This appears particularly appropriate for Computer Science, as only in this field the approach can directly build upon the achievements of the global open source community. We therefore propose an Open Educational Framework for Software Engineering - openSE. openSE brings together HEIs, formally enrolled students, fellow students, free learners outside of formal education, open source practitioners and enterprises. The novelty of the openSE project is that it systematically combines formal and informal learning within an unfettered informal learning environment.openSE will stimulate participatory learning experiences, involving practical ‘hands-on’ sessions where learning activities and output become a learning resource itself. OpenSE thus enables future learners to benefit continuously and fully from others' achievements, regardless where these achievements have been made. A deeper understanding of educational settings that integrate formal education with expert driven communities will help developing new educational scenarios that unfold the opportunities the web provides and goes beyond software engineering. It will strengthen the linkage between education and business and increase the speed of innovation.



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