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Open Discovery of STEM Laboratories
Date du début: 1 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ODL was initiated to equip European school teachers with innovative approach - micro-MOOC, to deploy STEM laboratories and their application in the everyday teaching practices and, thus, strengthen the profile of the teaching professions. The project will foster partnerships between universities, research centers, training and professional associations, and school sector to modernize the school education by enhancing digital integration in learning and teaching processes with direct access to top-notch facilities of remote and virtual experiments. The program will be based on the requirements of STEM/ICT competence of school curricula in consortium countries and will employ the MOOC methodology, EU best practices in field, libraries of STEM laboratories, and OERs. ODL aims to: • Offer teachers collaboration in creating innovative STEM school curricula; • Elaborate MOOC methodology and propose an implementation of it in secondary school sector; • Merge remote and virtual STEM labs in day-to-day teaching practicing. This project agenda will be assured by the following objectives: - developing MOOC methodology for school based on the curriculum and demands; - establishing the MOOC platform using cloud technology; - creating the collection of micro-MOOCs, scenarios, OERs, videos, and STEM laboratories; - embedding case study of STEM micro-MOOCs in school curricula; - opening the possibilities to discover new open curricula of micro-MOOCs with STEM labs to a wide range of EU audiences including sector of school education, stakeholders, and the scientific research community. Fifty national (10 in each national language) and 5 transnational micro-MOOCs using remote and virtual laboratories will be created. At least 300 teachers will be trained during eight local and national multiplier workshops. Thirty five teachers of best micro-MOOCs scenarios will participate in Teacher School (Palermo) contributing to design of MOOC concept implementation in school classroom. The ODL outputs will be tested with school teachers and students from five countries (Estonia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, and Spain), and evaluated in terms of their impact, with a particular attention to institutional as well as pedagogical innovation and revision. Roundtables, info days, open doors, and conferences will be joined by consortium for wider dissemination of the ODL results in these countries and Europe. Developed reports, recommendations, set of informational and instructional materials will be available via the ODL web instruments for free. Application of the ODL products will commence during the project to evaluate the advantages and sustainability of the methodology and to address potential problems. ODL will expand the methodology and resources for enhancing teacher proficiency and student competence required by modern society. The results will effect educational and economic transformation of partner countries, in particular, and of Europe, in general.



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