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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In 2007 Belgium ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities. We were above all inspired by article 19. In older caremodels we provide mostly all - inclusive and not person tailored support. In the new one we want to focus on the strenght of our clients and their families and involve mainstream services in the support of our clients. We definitely improved our organisation during the last two years but we certainly believe that we still can do better. Main goal: realise a much more inclusive support and aim for an inclusive society in general. Areas we want tot improve: - organisation developpement and adaptation of our services - increase competences of staff - explore better the possibilities of the Pos (instrument Personal Outcome Scale) - increase expertise and knowledge on dual diagnosis especially in the context of inclusive support Because we want to improve the quality on different levels in the organisation we selected different functions to be involved: director - coordinator of care - pedagogue - teamcoordinators and supportworkers. Also clients will be involved. In totally 12 participants will be involved. Trough studyvisits to Home Farm Trust (UK) and Arduin (NL) we want to increase our expertise and acquire models and methods to work on the areas mentioned above. At the congres of EAMHID in Florence we want to improve our knowledge on dual diagnosis as these clients experience even more than other persons with a disability difficulties to participate fully in society. It is very important for us to stay informed about the latest developpements in this field in order to be able to provide the correct support for our clients. At Arduin we also want to learn more about the use of the Pos. We plan to share our knowledge and the result of our studyvisits with: - all our colleagues (teammeetings or training) - clients and their families and our voluntary workers - partnerorganisations on different levels (workshops - presentations) - everybody trough our website A final evaluation will be done by the coordinating team of De Lork. We forsee changes in the following area's: - organisation of support - support plans - profiles of support workers and their competences - better use of the Pos