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Online Game for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Millions of users around the world are gaming regularly. Even though online gaming was primarily designed for entertainment and profit, quite recently it moved beyond private industry and turned into a research field in educational, training and learning disciplines. Gaming is based on interaction, collaboration, active and dynamic learning and an informal educational process that is invaluable. Such activities can help users to dynamically develop skills such as collaboration, networking, engagement, experimentation, creativity, problem solving and decision making which constitute basic attributes of a progressive, entrepreneurial and market based economy and society. However, the majority of literature on the field, reports that existing online games in the field remain too “formal” and informative, rather than interactive and motivational, focusing of skills and attitudes empowerment. Therefore, the field of gaming and seek to propose alternatives ways design, development and provision of such games. Adventure and role-playing games allow users to explore hitherto unattainable situations and learn from simulated experience enhancing critical reflection on multiple circumstances and building skills that will lead to the inception of an entrepreneurial culture in EU, both within the market and the society. According to the Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, the reduction of inequality and social exclusion in Europe (80 million people at risk of poverty, 14 million young people not in education, employment or training) remains as one of the biggest challenges for the future of Europe. Tackling unemployment rates of 12% in general and 20% among the youth (Eurostat, 2015) have yet to be overcome. In this context, EntrInno addresses the demands of revisiting the notions of entrepreneurship and innovation, as the driving forces of a new EU culture that will be sustainably developed financially and socially and enhance users’ aptitudes for new socio-economic initiatives and interventions. EntrInno satisfies a number of ERASMUS+ objectives. • develop an online game designed to educate and equip young adult learners with transversal skills such as entrepreneurship and innovation, and basic skills such as digital literacy, communication and networking skills •provide an innovative ICT–based educational practice that will motivate young adults to commit in active learning • validate gaming as a novel form of non-formal learning practice • strengthen cooperation and exchange of information and good practices between different areas of Europe • support the development of the EU as a knowledge-based society The work of the consortium will be broken down into a series of overlapping phases incorporating research and analysis, design and development, testing and implementation, validation, localization, communication and exploitation of project outputs. Underpinning the work through all phases will be competent management and effective monitoring of the scheduled activities, on-going assessment and evaluation of project outcomes, rigorous quality management and appropriate dissemination activities to generate awareness of the aims and objectives of EntrInno and the innovative tools and resources developed. The consortium consists of 9 partners from 8 European countries, which cover a wide range of expertise and experience related to the scope and the aims of the EntrInno, as well as they have a European outreach in their activities. The diversity within the partnership facilitates the exchange of best practice and learning from others which is an important added-value. The achievements of partners in their local settings as well as in European ones, inspires confidence that the consortium will be able to engage effectively with all target groups. The consortium has all the skills necessary to support the successful development, implementation and dissemination of the project. Longer term benefits: Sustainability will be boosted by involving members of the target groups and stakeholders in all project phases. Case studies of successful implementation will be show-cased in order to convince more stakeholders to utilize project products and results. Critical aspect for securing sustainability is the extended networks of partners which consist of more than 20000 organizations. Those organizations are in need of innovative tools that could boost the motivation of adults to be involved in entrepreneurship education and learning processes. It has been ensured during the proposal preparation phase that Adult Training Centres, NGOs, Local and European Networks and Institutions, Local and National Authorities will integrate the EntrInno in their normal training, communication and promotion activities in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation skills build-up.


8 Participants partenaires