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Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ONEWORLD- CULTURE-Cafe ( „1-O-CuCa“ ) „ONEWORLD- Cafe“ and „ONEWORLD- CULTURE-Cafe“ is a project raw, starting in 2015 which brings Young people from Europe, Ukraine and Russia in Cultural interaction, shows contradictions, talks with enemies and friends and hear their stories, listen, play and sing their music, see films, do acrobatics eat their food and drink coffee and tea together. In the first project part from 22.02-22.03.2015 taking place in South Siberia (Russia) 3 groups of Young people from Russia and Germany build the material basics for this mobile Cafe : One Yurt in lightweight bamboo style, One little Block house , furnitures and Interieurs for the Cafe (4-6 Tachtui, Pillows, colourful blankets). This part take place in a beautiful lake district of the EAST-SAYAN MOUNTAINS. The participants move outdoor with snowshoes and ski, learn to know traditional handcrafters and hunters, live in traditional houses and in one traditional mongolian Yurt with stove and get to practise survival techniques. In the end we start off the 1-O- Cafe with a offical culture performance together with local people. Structure: 21 Day Youth Exchange (01.03-21.03.2015) Participants: 20+3 RU ; 20+3 D Cordinator: Grüner Grashalm e.V./ Interra In the second project part in Mai 2015 the 1-O-CuCa goes on Tour through Carpathien Mountains and west ukrainian cities like Lviv and Czernovci. With circus performances, street art, clowns and a lot of songs and music, good coffee and tea we get in contact with local people and especially Youthworkers they want to engage for peace and intercultural conflict management with own projects include Ukrain and Russia. We do a white water experience for teambuilding and include them in the project and the development of Follow-ups. We practise WAY OF COUNCIL and NON VIOLENT COMMUNICATION and give a Workcamp input for an ukrainian Youth project for support and empowerment. Structure: 10 days Training-course + 10 days Support Work 01.05..-20.05.2015 Participants: 5 (RU,UA,D,PL,,CZ) x 4 = 20 Cordinator: Grüner Grashalm e.V. / Green Cross UA/ Khata Maysternya UA In the third part of the project in August 2015 1-O-Cafe gets an extended version in Russia. We build more furniture and a second Yurt and accomplish the Block-house and go on tour with a multicultural programm around the villages in the siberian countryside. In the 4th part which is directly follow up in End of August and beginneng of September, we plan a "Vision Quest for peace" in the Lake district of East Sayan Mountains. Young people from several countries including Russia and Ukraine stay 4 days and nights alone in nature without food and feel their purpose of being. Afterwards thei bring it ( found self within) into the world. They develop own projects and we support realisation. Structure: 21 day Youthexchange Cordinator : Deti Taigi / Interra / Grüner Grashalm e.V. Time 11.08.-31.08. 2015 Within this project we want tu build bridges and basement for demokratical and tolerant cooperation among Young people and youthworkersfrom EU, Ukrain and Russia. We want to develop a snow ball effekt for intercultural Youth projects within the next years.



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