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One step out
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We have gathered Estonia, Hungary, Czech and Netherlands to carry out an international youth exchange. Working language is English. Max. amount of participants we bring together is 32 (From each country 7 participants in age 16-21 + 1 leader). Project took place on the Estonian island called Pedassaar on 12-19.06.16. And the host country will be Estonia.Initiative youth groups from Estonia, Hungary, Czech and Netherlands have started to be aware of nowadays young people who got stuck in coziness and is not ready to go out from their comfort zone. We are not ready for extreme situations and do not know how to behave if we suddenly got in it. We are used to out yielding bed, that parents are always somewhere around and are ready to take care of us every single day. Cooking in the microwave, using hot water and connect with friend mostly through the social networks. Our idea is to estimate out possibilities, broaden the comfort zone and take a look on our life and ourselves from the totally another point of view trying things which in everyday life we do not do. To reach these aims the best effective and unknown way we see is the survival on the one of the thousands Estonian islands Pedassaar, living in tents being aside of goods we are used to, having only the basics utilities. Camp is the one of the best ways how to go out of comfort zone, therefore, non-formal and adventure educations are used as a base of the youth exchange. Project participants are going to sleep in tents, cook over an open fire, pass through some obstacles in competitions, perform in front of the others, crawl in the mud and play orientation games uses compasses and maps. We see or project will help participants to become "problemproof". It means to be mentally strong, ready for challenges and critical situations, know your values and follow them.



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