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One Europe - Zero Conflicts - TC on Conflict Management
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Young people across Europe are facing different conflict within their countries, communities and families. The recent conflict situations that accused within Europe, where EU has an immediate participation, as a negotiator mediator showed that the first main key figures of the conflicts are youngsters, and the second that they almost every time lacking Conflict Prevention and Non Violent Communication skills, attitude and Knowledge. The recent events in different EU member states, as well as Ukraine and also some local conflict situations in Armenia showed, that we need more education among youngsters of those countries for prevention, management and or transformation of those situations. It is more than relevant topic for nowadays Europe to raise this kind of issue and start on going education of youngsters on the topic. Main Aim of the project is to pass competences (skills, knowledge and attitude) for managing and preventing Conflicts to young people around Europe: Here are the objective to fulfill the aim of the project: • To improve participants’ conflict management and prevention skills • To improve and develop participants’ negotiation skill • To pass information on Intercultural learning • To force the change of the attitude towards Non Violence • To provide knowledge to participants on Non Violent Communication • To support networking and Cooperation between Program and Partner countrie 30 Youngsters overall will be a part of this training course representing 6 Countries : 3 Program - Germany, Italy, Poland and 3 Partner - Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine. We intend to use non formal educational methods to deliver this training course. Various methods will be used during the Activity, such as panel discussions, simulations, vertical presentations and small group workshops. Also we have foreseen several power point presentations on Intercultural learning and Non Violent Communications. Such topics as Negotiation and My type of Conflict Management will be delivered with the help of interactive and participative methods, tests and etc. Very important role will be given to Team Building activities. As a result of this training course each participant will get new tools of conflict management and Non Violent Communication. By achieving the aim and objectives of the course, we will ensure presence of more competent youngsters on Conflict Management and Non-Violent Communication in their organizations and countries. Participants will receive huge backpack of new methods, tools and competences on how to manage conflicts, how to use negotiation skills in conflict situations and inspire them to believe in Culture of Peace. At the same time participants will be delivered some competences on Intercultural learning and project management skills as added value. Participant organizations will be the main beneficiaries after the participants of the course. And they will be responsible for dissemination of the result in their local communities and with the target group they work with.



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