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Once upon Europe
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Once upon today… in Europe” is a series that consists of a training and a youth meeting. The training and the youth meeting give 30 multipliers working in the field of historical and political education and 30 young people from Estonia, Germany, Moldava, Poland, Romania and Ukraine the opportunity to deal with historical narratives concerning Europe and the countries they are coming from.Narratives include myths, official presentations in texts and images, but especially commonly culturally shared interpretations of important historical events of a nation.Current events such as the refugee crisis and the war in Ukraine [ohne Komma] shall serve as an occasion to deal intensively with the historical narratives in participants’ home countries and the European Integration. The most important objective of the project is initiating an intercultural dialogue that is based on a deepened understanding of the perception and interpretation of past and future in the participating countries. At the same time the training and the youth meeting encourage to reflect on one’s identity in a European society which is shaped by migration and diversity and to develop an understanding and tolerance towards living together with people having different national, ethnical and religious backgrounds. In the course of the training youth workers develop methods based on non-formal education in the field of European cultures of remembering, with reference to innovative and learner concentrated pedagogical approaches. Youth workers will use these methods and carry on working with them primarly in the following youth meeting and later on in their own field of work with young people in their local communities. As a consequence of the training multipliers develop micro projects that will be carried out and realized in their field of work. Those micro projects will be documented and constantly updated on a project blog. Additionally it promotes an exchange of ideas and experiences among the participants.



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