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On two wheels without borders

The objective of the project made possible by the Interreg funding was to ensure a direct bicycle path connection between Békéscsaba and the Romanian border crossing point of Méhkerék via Gerla, Doboz and Sarkad. Thanks to this project, the towns and villages near the border can be accessed in an environmentally friendly fashion, thus facilitating cross-border transportation for the locals, as well as the development of cyclo-tourism. The project included the elaboration of the plans for a total of 32 km of cycle-paths between the Békéscsaba Bánya Lake and the Méhkerék border checkpoint. This includes the building permit plans, the construction design and the expropriation plans. Apart from that, the existing cycle-paths were reviewed, and new ones were designed along the determined route, thus creating a real, tangible possibility of expanding the network of cycle-paths in the border area. Achievements: Please refer to the 'Description' field, which also includes the achievements of this project.