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On the threshold of tomorrow
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main aim of the project "On the threshold of tomorrow" is to implement the meeting of youth - exchange of the students between 3 countries - Poland which is coordinator of the project and one country which are partners of the project – Lituenia and Hungary. Whole meeting will have place between 11 and 17 of May 2015. Number of participants - 45 people including 15 participants from each one. Group will include young and active people which are interested in development of their own skills and becoming selfconcious in case of labor market. The main object of the project is exchange of the experiences connected with work and labor market of the each one of the participants - formation of the basic skills of presentation and selfprezentation which will make students available to pass their knowledge and experience to the next young people. To achive goals the following methods will be used - workshops, debates, brainstorms, presentations of the participants, panel methods, language workshops and thematic trips to: Kraków, Sucha Beskidzka. During organization of each one of the activities additional incentives will be used - music entertainment and sport competitions. The expected effect of project - grow op of the level of knowledge and competences of the participants connected with labor market and knowledge of the basics of culture of different countries of Europe focused on enter to the labor market by the participants. Giventh knowledge in the case of cultural heritage of each one of the countries will help participants with building of the tollerence for the culture of different countries participating in the EU. The long-term benefits will have an influence not only on the participants of the project but also on the people which are not participating in project but has contact with the issues of the project and its results. The effect which will be worked out by the participants will be publicated with use of tools like: social media participating institutions websites and website which will be dedicated to the project in two languages - Polish and English. On the base of results of the project youngsters will be able to get know with the experiences of the participants of the project and use it in their own cases. Participants thank to the communication skills gained during the project will be able to pass their experiences and knowledge on their own to the other people.



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