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On the sunny sides of Alps
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Ljudska univerza Radovljica (Adult education centre Radovljica) is local, non-governmental institution. It has different formal and informal programmes for adults, intergenerational centre and Beekeeping education centre of Gorenjska. Ljudska univerza also cooperates in different programmes in Erasmus +.One of the programmes is PUM-o (PLYA-Project learning for young adults), which is non formal educational programme. It is designed for young people, from 15 till 25 years old, who dropped out of school and are unemployed. The main goal of PLYA is to motivate youngsters for continuing and finishing education and to find a job. Program provides to them different activities (cooking, computer lessons, drawing, photo, drama, thematic workshops, working with media…), learning help, support and counselling.Basic work method in the program is project work. It is tailor made program, the interests and capabilities of every individual are considered. We do different project as documentary films, movies, video clips, plays, newspapers, music ect. Everyone includes in the activities according to his/her skills, possibilities and competences.The project will take place in programme PLYA. Volunteer Manon will be included in all activities of the programe: individual work, project work (film, drama, poetry, photography...), production work (making art crafts, jewellery, baking cookies…) and activities of interest (thematic preventive workshops, sports, cooking).Manon will participate in all activities in the group work. She will cooperate within her capabilities and help of mentor. She will also organize activities on her own, when she will be fully informed and involved in the program. She can use all of her talents to help in group work. She will also spend time with the participants, hang with them, make special bonds with them. Shw will take part in a year project (depends on the interests and ideas of young people) which will be presented in the local community. She will attend every interesting event, seminar, presention of program locally and nationally that mentors of the program go to.EVS is an upgrade and added value to program PLYA. EVS volunteer brings fresh ideas in the program, breaking the routine, which sneaks into any organization, is help for mentors, with whom young people spend almost eight hours every day. Volunteer brings freshness into the program, enriches the daily activities and participants and mentors get new imputs and ideas for creating a program.The purpose of the project is that both the volunteer, as well as the participants try to achieve goals, which also include improving the level of key competences and skills of young people, promoting a better quality of youth work and strengthening the international dimension of youth activities and the role of youth workers and youth organizations. Volunteer comes from a youth center which has experience in youth work and mobilities. This experience can be transfered to our program, and volunteer can bring our methods and ways of working to her organization, when she will start to work with youth in the future.



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