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On the road
Date du début: 1 mars 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The idea for this project came from two key assumptions shared by the partners involved in the project and that underlie the project objectives: In 1st place, the urgent need to create a response able to fight youth unemployment (youth with special needs, or with less opportunity, from disadvantaged rural areas, at risk of poverty and marginalization). Because of the great economic recession experienced in partner countries are witnessing an increase in youth unemployment with fewer opportunities, with or without work experience, but without job opportunities and, consequently, with serious financial problems. It is our goal to support these young people with fewer opportunities and youth with special needs, helping them to live a EVS experience that can help them develop skills to create their own employment through activities that will develop during the EVS. We intend to develop in young people habilities essential to run her career management and employment soft skills, based on a tool facilitating the positive and sustainable change, decision-making and outcomes of excellence. Furthermore, it is our aim to promote learning about entrepreneurship education, strengthening the relationship between young people and the labor market. In 2nd place, we find that the countries involved in the project, tourism is an industry that is increasing considerably. Nationally, according to the Portuguese Institute of Tourism forecasts, the overall results for tourism in 2014 will be better or much better than the 2013 (Edition January 2014 Barometer Academy of Tourism). In turn, estimates of the World Tourism Organization reported that global tourism will grow at a rate of 3.3% per year until 2030, with over 40 43 million tourists a year by that date. Therefore, the tourism sector is assumed as a strategic activity to explore, potentiating employment and the economy. Furthermore, constitutes the key to the enhancement of cultural heritage and its financing element. The project "On the Road" was designed and engineered so that, when developing the tourism product, which in this case is an adapted cultural route, to make the survey of the architectural barriers that prevent adequate mobility of visitors, to collect the stories of each place, when preparing tourist adapted screenplay, to develop content for the platform in English and another language, has the role to present the cultural and built heritage underlying the site being visited, as well as reports of difficulty in overcoming architectural barriers for persons with reduced mobility. Alongside intend, raise awareness and mobilize political and cultural to take appropriate steps to resolution or mitigation of such barriers makers. The innovative nature of this project lies in the fact that cultural routes and all contents are freely available (vídeos photos, texts and commentaries) in Portuguese and other international language in in order to foster a transnational dialogue, increased skills in various areas, sustainable tourism adapted and all services connected to it (content production, tours, hotels, restaurants, etc.), that they foster opportunities for self-employment for those who are interested in replicating counterparts projects.



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