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On-the-job, on-the-go
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CIFP Aguas Nuevas submits its third mobility project directly aimed at VET, basing it in the experience acquired in the last two (presented under the Leonardo da Vinci action in the now extinct Lifelong Learning Program), but introducing the important novelties that the new Erasmus+ allows. The main innovative aspect incorporated is the inclusion of staff mobility for training purposes (apart from the mobilities of students for parctices). These actions interact to constitute a global mobility strategy aimed at producing the most relevant and long-lasting impact in the center, following the principle of "institutional approach" that characterizes the new program. Such an approach and goals are translated into the organizational actions described above. Some of the have, in fact, already started: the constitution of the school's Mobility Commite, the documented procedure created for a better management of the mobility projects and the partners' selection process are examples of work in progress.We believe that the amount of mobilities that we apply for (10 for SMP and 4 for staff training) is appropriate to the school's size and suits the characteristics and number of partners. It is also relevant enough to achieve the expected results in terms of learning outcomes and and skills improvements in both students and staff, together with meeting the more general goal of getting closer (an integrated VET center's duty) to the job market and the demands of the European conpanies in terms of employment.We believe that international cooperation and European mobility could be a response to the huge challenges of current economid downfall and youth unemployment faced by our continent. The best possible example of such collaboration that we can show is precisely to submit a proposal like this one, which enables us to strengthen our current partnerships and to create new ones. Just to have the opportunity of working together with our fellow institutions is an achievement in itself and will open the door to other forms of future cooperation wich will maximize the impact in the long run.



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