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Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Today's world is a mix of our activities in the real world and ones in on-line world. As a young generation we grew up with the computer, Internet, cell phones, mobile Internet and social networks. We cannot deny that more and more is going on-line, from making friendship and everyday communication to making business and cooperation. Progress cannot be stopped but it should be well understood and world should properly benefit from it. While each young person will say that knows how to use social networks, Internet, multimedia, computer and mobile phone, which is true, in fact they know very little of how to use it properly. These Information communication Technology tools give us so much more than for what they are currently used. The aim of our project is to equip a young person with skills and knowledge that will be valued on business market. Help them be more competitive in labor market. We recognize market needs for constant learning and growth of individuals, particularly young people. With a proper use of these tools they will manager to manipulate easier through digital world and get them more familiar with Information communication Technology. We will show young people and partner organizations ways to exploit the vast potential that provide us these tools. Discover opportunities and areas to improve the current communication, research, collaboration, business capacity and more then all their self-learning skills. We want to open their horizons so they can identify potential and future, give them theoretical and practical knowledge, and teach them how to multiply the current efficiency of the tools they already use every day. We believe that with this project we will trigger their desire for further improvement in ICT area and give them enough knowledge during activities, that they could do this by themselves using same tools that they been taught. In this ways we will strengthen a link between informal education and preparation for labor market. The project activities will take place in Zagreb during 8 days period, from 17.01.2015 to 24.01.2015. Hosting organization is Urban youth from Croatia while partners are Associazione Futuro Digitale from Italy and Ecomission 21st Century from Bulgaria, Lovech. There will be 32 participants from hosting and partner organizations plus many more from local partner organizations. Participants will be young members of our and partner organizations from a rural places. Preferences are given to unemployed people, with fewer opportunities, economic, social and geographical obstacles. We aim at people who can use this knowledge and skills in order to be more competitive in labor market and youth who need these skills in order for better development of their organization, hobbies or activities they are involved.Participants will be from 15 to 30 years old. All presentations will be multimedia presentation which will be followed by a workshop with designated tasks for participants. We will use informal and non-formal ways of education. Lecturers will be group leaders, some participants and our local partner experts while all participants and partner organizations will be a part of activities. We will have presentations and workshops in topics of Information communication Technology, social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, mobile phone applications, and online email marketing solution. Part of the presentations and workshops will be open for public and media. Every day we will have reflection groups and Me & Camera Time - video interview with camera 1 on 1! Leaders meeting and evaluations. Evening programs and cultural activities. Results of the project will be on-line profiles, accounts and the presence of organizations and participants on social networks and on other Information and communication technology tools. Networking - connections and contacts that participants and organizations will make during activities. Visibility - promotional multimedia of their organization, they that will share, using this communication, with a network of contacts made on social networks and ICT tools. Expected impact on participants is to have better understanding of Information communication Technology which leads to more competitive skills on labor market, higher chance for employment and progress. Greater empowerment and self-confidence in dealing with digital technology. Better understanding of informal learning which will help them in their development.



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