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Omnia Onni
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Omnia Onni and Expert Onni mobility projects were awarded a Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Certificate in 2009. These mobility projects will be continued and developed in the new Erasmus+ Programme. Newly graduated people who are in the labor market can also participate in the new Omnia Onni project. Internationalization is one of Omnia’s strategic development areas. In this project especially those fields were there aren’t a lot of international activities will be encouraged to participate. Over 100 students and 6 newly graduated will participate in this multi fielded mobility project. The participants will be selected in cooperation with the international coordinators, teachers, heads of departments and students’ welfare services. The student mobilities will be carried out in the final year of the studies. Omnia has good experiences of PLM mobilities from previous projects. In this project there will be mixed groups of Omnia students and newly graduated people. The mobilities will be promoted to the students who are going to graduate from Omnia. The selections will be made based on the applications and recommendations of teachers. There are in total 26 mobilities for Omnia staff members and for business life partners who will carry out the mobilities together with Omnia’s staff. Especially those staff members who haven’t been involved in international activities will be encouraged to participate to make international activities more known in the organization. In order to offer more possibilities for the staff members the length of the mobility can be chosen to last 3 to 14 days. The program and content of the mobilities vary depending on the objectives of the participant and the organisation. The focus can be for example on ECVET, benchmarking, guiding students or supporting the evaluation process of student’s skills. For students and graduates there are 14-80 days’ on the job learning periods in the project. Each participant will take part in the preparatory activities like cultural course, language course and meetings about practical things. The on the job learning period will be carried out in a relevant company. Participants have learning agreements which include the work tasks and skills and competences to be acquired during the mobility. After the mobility the acquired skills and competences will be recognized in the studies. People on the labor market can get this period recognized in their future studies. Omnia’s mobility team is in charge of the project from planning and implementing to reporting. There are the head of international activities, 3 coordinators and two assistants in the team. In addition all the units in Omnia have teachers who participate in the implementation of the project. The project will be executed following the internationalization strategy and the mobility processes of Omnia. As Omnia has long experience in mobility projects all the necessary tools (application forms, students’ information files, material for preparation etc.) for project management already exist. The mobility experiences during and after the studies improve the students’ possibilities to get further study place and are considered as an advantage in the labor market. The language skills, cultural competence and vocational skills improve. The experience makes it easier to work or study abroad later on. The documents in which the acquired skills and competences are clearly described give good information to the employers and educational organizations. The staff mobilities improve the cultural and language skills of the staff. Using a foreign language in different contexts gets easier. Also the knowledge of the European educational systems, work culture and methods and ECVET system is very important. The certificated mobility project gives the organization excellent possibilities to develop the mobility activities and processes in the long term.



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