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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

2nd New Smyrnι High School focuses on the student. The school wants to be experiential and creative with active teachers and students - a place of learning, joy and creativity and not only sterile teaching. Key objectives of the project were: - The acquisition of new school management skills in order to meet the requirement of the new era in which our children are called to live as Greek citizens conscious of their national and cultural identity and simultaneously as Europeans and as global citizens. - The training of teachers in the implementation of new teaching methods which encourage the participation of students and stimulate their interest. The ultimate goal was to reduce accordingly the percentage of students leaving school. - Management of the unevenness in the ranks. Heterogeneous groups of students is a new reality called upon to manage the teachers in the schools and the causes are various: students with special needs, different knowledge level students, students from different cultural backgrounds and more. There was a need to reorganize the teaching-learning process, to reduce the incidence of exclusion and to avoid discouraging certain students who need special treatment. - The development of English language skills and intercultural skills involve more teachers in European actions and programs. There was the need to improve our European school profiles, through partnerships with educational institutions and other schools abroad, the acquisition of expertise on our European programs and school networking with other schools abroad. The actions provided in response the above objectives were: - Attendance of the seminar "Managing diversity - Teaching mixed ability classes", by two teachers with specialised knowledge of psychology. - Attendance of the seminar "Encouraging Creative thinking" by one teacher - Attendance of the seminar "Creative Methodology" by two language teachers - Attendance of the seminar "Finnish Lessons for EU Schools" from the school deputy director and three teachers. The expected results of the project were: - Upgrade the of competences of staff (educational, linguistic, cultural competences). - To adopt new, innovative teaching methods to stimulate the creativity of students and teachers. - Reorganize teaching focusing on uniformity of management methods in classrooms. - To develop and follow modern strategies and school management policies in line with European guidelines. - Improve the European profile, through partnerships with educational institutions and other schools abroad - To acquire knowledge on European projects - To network with other schools abroad